WK 12: Classmate Conversation

This girl is the sweetest girl ever.  Her name is Sydnie, and we talked for so long.  We even walked each other to our cars.  We were talking about her boyfriend and how she usually waits for him after our class time, but she didn’t feel like waiting today so she just left.  She is so funny.  She’s a little freshie at our school and it made me so happy to talk to her and get to know her.  She has an older brother and she doesn’t work.  She should be counting her blessings because I would so love to not have to work.  She was so easy to talk to and we shared lots of laughs together.


WK 11: Artist Conversation

The artist that I chose for this weeks artist conversations name is Yujia Gu.  The funny part about this girl was that she was FaceTiming the entire time and wasn’t really giving us much attention, but I still really liked her artwork.  She feels very serious about gun violence and I love when people feel so passionate about something that they turn it into art.

Yujia says that the purpose of her exhibition was to make people realize how serious gun violence can be.  Gun violence happens everyday in the world, when it shouldn’t.  This exhibition of gun violence includes mass shootings, comparisons of gun violence among different countries, the number of children killed by guns since Newtown and more.

Yujia believes that gun violence is a serious issue in our lives and gun control needs to be taken more seriously and improved in the world.  She believes that our society will be better if we all help out to change the world.  She truly believes that “the less guns, the less violence”.  “More and more people are buying guns to protect themselves form more and more people who are buying guns” is a campaign that points out that gun violence is “an endless loop”.  Yujia strongly believes that gun control needs to be taken more seriously.

I agree with everything that Yujia believes.  There are so many people getting killed everyday by guns and there was just this little boy on the news who accidentally shot himself.  He was in his mom’s room and he was playing with a gun on Instagram Live and he accidentally shot himself because he didn’t know that the gun was loaded.  If the gun wasn’t in the house, then he wouldn’t have died.  It’s obviously still his fault, but still.

WK 11: Classmate Conversation

I’m actually really sad that I had to leave so abruptly because I didn’t have time to do a classmate conversation, I went to class to get the notes about my artist conversation and left early.  Classmate conversations are my favorite part of this class so it makes me sad that I couldn’t participate because I had to get a tumor on my finger removed because the tumor was not benign anymore.  I’ll write about my surgery.  This is my fourth surgery on my finger because my doctor told me that if I get the entire tumor off in one surgery then I won’t be able to bend my finger, and since my tumor was originally benign, it didn’t matter.  He told me that there were cancerous cells found in my tumor, but if it didn’t spread then I should be fine.  It started to spread when I got it checked up so he scheduled an appointment as soon as he could and it landed on this day unfortunately.  He told me that he believes that he got the entire tumor out this time, which is good news because the surgery is traumatizing because I hate the sight of blood.  I’m relieved that my doctor began to notice that my tumor was starting to spread before it was too late.  Here’s a picture of my healing finger, if you look closely, I have another scar from my other surgeries on top of my new scar.

WK 10: Architecture Activity

For my project, I drew the wedge: Brotman hall heading toward the USU and upper campus.  That little part that people walk through, but shouldn’t, is the most irritating thing ever.  I don’t even know why I use it when I could just walk around it for an extra like 4 steps.  It’s the most annoying thing ever because you have to wait for people to walk through it, then you go.  I hate it and I feel like if we just closed that spot up, we wouldn’t have that problem.  So, in my picture, I drew another pillar where the gap is supposed to be so that it’s officially closed.  It wouldn’t be such a packed little space if we added this pillar.  I really think this would help, we wouldn’t have as many lazy people walking through that little tiny space than we do now.

WK 10: Artist Conversation

This week, for my artist conversation, I chose Amy Duran.  Amy was not present at the art galleries, but her brother was there to speak upon her.  Amy is a ceramics major, graduating in the spring.   She is from Buena Park, California.  She has always loved art since she was a little girl.  Amy bakes cakes and makes ceramic things in her spare time.  Amy’s main goal is to make props for movies.  The animals in her little gallery used to be her actual animals, and the girl is supposed to symbolize herself.

Amy obviously uses ceramic things for her art.  Amy has loved ceramics for as long as she could remember.  I took a ceramics class in high school, so I know how hard it is to make something in ceramics look perfect, and all of her dolls and animals are perfect.  I loved her gallery so much, it’s actually beautiful.

Amy discussed that her story from the art gallery is based on her personal struggles of never quite feeling like she ever fit in.  The visual fable that she created is supposed to be a reminder that it is okay to feel afraid as an adult.  She also wanted to show how femininity can be powerful instead of being the typical sign of weakness or vulnerability.  She did such an amazing job with showing everything she wanted us to see through her art.  Her message is beautiful.

When I went into Amy’s art gallery, I’ve never felt more intrigued.  Her art was beautiful.  Her art was literally a story being told, with dolls to symbolize what the character is going through and a page from a book to tell exactly what is going on.  This was beautiful.  I felt like I was reading a story, but watching a movie at the same time, because the dolls actually moved!  I loved this art gallery so much, I had to write about it.  I’m sad I couldn’t meet Amy, but I really hope I get to see more of her work sometime soon.

WK 8: Art Activity: Finger Painting

This was actually a really fun experience.  I just got surgery on my right index finger about two days ago because I had to remove a tumor, so I literally cannot use my right hand at all. My finger painting project came out a little ugly since I used my left hand, but it’s still kind of cute.  This was exactly what I expected.  I used to finger paint with my siblings when we were younger and closer, so it reminded me of my childhood.  It was fun to make a painting with no subject.  I just moved my hand across the paper and had a lot of fun.  I definitely prefer this over any other project, it was very relaxing to just move my hand all over the poster.  I tried to have my puppy’s paw print next to my hand print, but it didn’t work out, so she finally got comfortable with putting her paw on my poster on the top left side.  It was so cute, I loved this experience.

WK 8: Classmate Conversation: Amilcar


This week during our classmate conversation, I met Amilcar.  Amilcar was a film major, but he wants to change his major to animation instead.  We were talking about how he had to take an animation class as a prerequisite for film and he ended up liking animation a lot more.  Amilcar has one younger sister.  He is also a second year at CSULB, just like myself, but we didn’t go to the same high school.  He went to Millikan high school, while I went to Mayfair high school.  We both had volleyball in common, I played my freshman year and he played his sophomore to senior year.  His favorite color is grey.  In Amilcar’s free time, he likes to take pictures and listen to music.  He also likes to hike, and wishes he had more time to partake in the activities that he enjoys doing.  He is moved out of his parents house at the moment, which I think is amazing.  He speaks 3 different languages; English, Spanish and Italian.  I really enjoyed meeting Amilcar, he was a very outgoing guy.