This is Diana!  She is a first year at CSULB.  How cute!  She’s the most adorable little freshman ever.  She went to Narbonne high school, which is near Ontario which is why I know nothing about it.  Her school is/was mostly known for their football team.  Diana used to play volleyball and track in high school, and I played volleyball so we had that in common.  Diana has an older sister, I have two older sisters and one older brother; we’re both the babies of the family.  Diana was a marine biology major, but she is thinking about switching to mechanical engineering.  Diana lives by Space Ex, which is crazy because that’s where my brother works.  What a small world.  Diana likes to pass by buildings because it just makes her happy how tall buildings can be.  Diana does not have any pets, which makes me sad because I am the father of a baby puppy and I love her to death.  I want everyone to experience that kind of love.  Also, her favorite color is light green.  I’m glad I chose her to be my final classmate conversation of the semester because she was the cutest person ever!


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