The girl I chose to do an artist conversation with is named Lena Bishop.  Lena is so cute and so interesting.  We had no awkward pauses when I was interviewing her.  She’s in her fourth year at CSULB and is excited to be out in the real world.  She is twenty-four years old and she was raised in Long Beach, California.  She grew up knowing she was going to be an artist.

Lena’s father was an artist himself, so that is where she got her inspiration from.  Her father always taught her things about art at such a young age, so this is what she’s used to.  She’s used to putting effort into the work she creates and is used to loving everything she does.  She claims that art is her entire life, she expresses herself through her artwork.  She likes when people create stories out of her artwork and likes to compare it to what her story actually is.

Lena told me that she would never even think about giving up until her dreams are met.  She wants her pieces to someday be in a really famous art show.  She wants to travel the world because of her art and she wants everyone to see her art.  She wants people to appreciate her artwork the way she appreciates her own artwork.  In her gallery, she posted her best pieces as a CSULB student and hopes that the people who look through the gallery enjoys them.  Lena is also very passionate about animation.

Lena believes that it is magical to “create a world and have others love it too.  To bring a drawing to life a character, a layout.. and for them  to move! It’s amazing!”.  She is so passionate about her artwork and it just makes me so happy.  Lena claims that she wants nothing more, but to create and help create a world in which she understands others and love.  She was such a sweetheart, I loved listening to her speak.  I also loved that she had a notebook in front of her artwork and wrote “Please leave comments, I appreciate feedback”.  It was so cute, I had to write something nice in there.


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