It makes me sad that every artist that I feel a connection to their artwork is literally never there to explain anything to me first hand.  This artists name is Laura Lopez and her artwork really spoke to me.  This was such a beautiful gallery, I really fell in love with it.

Laura explores how pattern and color function as structural elements to build imagery and composition, and construct a visual narrative about the natural world.  Her paintings are absolutely beautiful.  She uses linear structures to express the idea of organic growth in natural ecosystems such as the jungle and or other wild life locations.

I love how she perceives the jungle as her true home.  She believes that it’s the space from where she comes from and where her roots are planted.  She sees this bond as a metaphor that supports her creative life acting as an “inner force towards growth”.  The paintings she made of the wild forests are representations of that metaphor and bring a visualization into the world.  That is what she was trying to show us with her beautiful artwork.

I loved this art more than any other gallery, I know that’s not really nice to say, but it’s the truth.  It was so Nature-y and just so beautiful.  Personally, I love nature.  I love being in the outdoors and exploring new things.  This really just reminded me of myself.  The way she feels about nature is the exact same way that I feel about nature.


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