I’m actually really sad that I had to leave so abruptly because I didn’t have time to do a classmate conversation, I went to class to get the notes about my artist conversation and left early.  Classmate conversations are my favorite part of this class so it makes me sad that I couldn’t participate because I had to get a tumor on my finger removed because the tumor was not benign anymore.  I’ll write about my surgery.  This is my fourth surgery on my finger because my doctor told me that if I get the entire tumor off in one surgery then I won’t be able to bend my finger, and since my tumor was originally benign, it didn’t matter.  He told me that there were cancerous cells found in my tumor, but if it didn’t spread then I should be fine.  It started to spread when I got it checked up so he scheduled an appointment as soon as he could and it landed on this day unfortunately.  He told me that he believes that he got the entire tumor out this time, which is good news because the surgery is traumatizing because I hate the sight of blood.  I’m relieved that my doctor began to notice that my tumor was starting to spread before it was too late.  Here’s a picture of my healing finger, if you look closely, I have another scar from my other surgeries on top of my new scar.


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