The artist that I chose for this weeks artist conversations name is Yujia Gu.  The funny part about this girl was that she was FaceTiming the entire time and wasn’t really giving us much attention, but I still really liked her artwork.  She feels very serious about gun violence and I love when people feel so passionate about something that they turn it into art.

Yujia says that the purpose of her exhibition was to make people realize how serious gun violence can be.  Gun violence happens everyday in the world, when it shouldn’t.  This exhibition of gun violence includes mass shootings, comparisons of gun violence among different countries, the number of children killed by guns since Newtown and more.

Yujia believes that gun violence is a serious issue in our lives and gun control needs to be taken more seriously and improved in the world.  She believes that our society will be better if we all help out to change the world.  She truly believes that “the less guns, the less violence”.  “More and more people are buying guns to protect themselves form more and more people who are buying guns” is a campaign that points out that gun violence is “an endless loop”.  Yujia strongly believes that gun control needs to be taken more seriously.

I agree with everything that Yujia believes.  There are so many people getting killed everyday by guns and there was just this little boy on the news who accidentally shot himself.  He was in his mom’s room and he was playing with a gun on Instagram Live and he accidentally shot himself because he didn’t know that the gun was loaded.  If the gun wasn’t in the house, then he wouldn’t have died.  It’s obviously still his fault, but still.


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