This week, for my artist conversation, I chose Amy Duran.  Amy was not present at the art galleries, but her brother was there to speak upon her.  Amy is a ceramics major, graduating in the spring.   She is from Buena Park, California.  She has always loved art since she was a little girl.  Amy bakes cakes and makes ceramic things in her spare time.  Amy’s main goal is to make props for movies.  The animals in her little gallery used to be her actual animals, and the girl is supposed to symbolize herself.

Amy obviously uses ceramic things for her art.  Amy has loved ceramics for as long as she could remember.  I took a ceramics class in high school, so I know how hard it is to make something in ceramics look perfect, and all of her dolls and animals are perfect.  I loved her gallery so much, it’s actually beautiful.

Amy discussed that her story from the art gallery is based on her personal struggles of never quite feeling like she ever fit in.  The visual fable that she created is supposed to be a reminder that it is okay to feel afraid as an adult.  She also wanted to show how femininity can be powerful instead of being the typical sign of weakness or vulnerability.  She did such an amazing job with showing everything she wanted us to see through her art.  Her message is beautiful.

When I went into Amy’s art gallery, I’ve never felt more intrigued.  Her art was beautiful.  Her art was literally a story being told, with dolls to symbolize what the character is going through and a page from a book to tell exactly what is going on.  This was beautiful.  I felt like I was reading a story, but watching a movie at the same time, because the dolls actually moved!  I loved this art gallery so much, I had to write about it.  I’m sad I couldn’t meet Amy, but I really hope I get to see more of her work sometime soon.


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