This week during our classmate conversation, I met Amilcar.  Amilcar was a film major, but he wants to change his major to animation instead.  We were talking about how he had to take an animation class as a prerequisite for film and he ended up liking animation a lot more.  Amilcar has one younger sister.  He is also a second year at CSULB, just like myself, but we didn’t go to the same high school.  He went to Millikan high school, while I went to Mayfair high school.  We both had volleyball in common, I played my freshman year and he played his sophomore to senior year.  His favorite color is grey.  In Amilcar’s free time, he likes to take pictures and listen to music.  He also likes to hike, and wishes he had more time to partake in the activities that he enjoys doing.  He is moved out of his parents house at the moment, which I think is amazing.  He speaks 3 different languages; English, Spanish and Italian.  I really enjoyed meeting Amilcar, he was a very outgoing guy.


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