This was actually a really fun experience.  I just got surgery on my right index finger about two days ago because I had to remove a tumor, so I literally cannot use my right hand at all. My finger painting project came out a little ugly since I used my left hand, but it’s still kind of cute.  This was exactly what I expected.  I used to finger paint with my siblings when we were younger and closer, so it reminded me of my childhood.  It was fun to make a painting with no subject.  I just moved my hand across the paper and had a lot of fun.  I definitely prefer this over any other project, it was very relaxing to just move my hand all over the poster.  I tried to have my puppy’s paw print next to my hand print, but it didn’t work out, so she finally got comfortable with putting her paw on my poster on the top left side.  It was so cute, I loved this experience.


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