This week I met Moreen Meng.  I found out that she’s friends with Vina (my first classmate conversation), and you can seriously tell because these two girls are so much alike.  They are both so exciting to talk to.  Moreen is a child development major and is planning to minor in psychology depending on how hard the pre-requisites are.  I’m a psychology major, so we had that interest in common.  She has two older brothers and is the only girl.  She is from Sacramento, California, but was born in France.  That’s so interesting!  I love meeting people who were born in different countries.  French was her first language, but she can speak French, English and she can understand Cambodian, but doesn’t speak it very well.  I am also trilingual, I speak English, Spanish and French.  She enjoys going to the beach and going hiking.  She loves to eat, but who doesn’t?  She also loves to watch Netflix.  Moreen’s favorite food is sushi and her favorite color is black.  Can’t wait to meet more of my classmates as fun as this girl!


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