The artist that I spoke with this week is named Andrea Mejia.  She had such cute art, I really enjoyed the gallery.  Although not everything was hers, it was still an interesting gallery to walk through.  Andrea is still an undergraduate on her fifth year at CSULB, her major is Illustration bachelors of fine arts.  She says that there is a big possibility that she will be attending graduate school.  Andrea is from Downey, California.  She will be graduating in Fall 2017, but is walking this spring.  How exciting!  Art has consumed all of her free time, she says that all she does is draw.  She was kicked out of the business major, which is why she started digital art in college.

Andrea Mejia works with digital art.  Her piece was a picture of a man with goggles and a green crystal right behind him.  The piece is very precise and accurate on everything.  The hair looks beautiful, the face looks defined, I love the clothing on the character.  The diamond isn’t perfect, but it’s not supposed to look perfectly shaped either.  The colors that she used are very light, but they stand out a lot.  This piece is beautiful, along with the other art pieces.

She said that her piece was inspired by her comic book.  The comic book is about minors who support the upperland, but don’t really know that they’re supporting it.  They end up discovering that they are slaves.  This comic consists of a lot of action and my artist loves it a lot.

I loved listening to this artist’s perspective on everything.  She is so different from me, which is why I liked her so much.  I like when people are passionate about their own things and listening to why they are passionate about it.  Walking through the gallery, her art piece really stood out to me and I really enjoyed everything about this art conversation.  I’m glad she was the artist who came, because she was the only artist from the gallery that was present.


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