I tried to get the dimensions and size of this art piece, but not even the artist knew.  My artist’s name is Ariel Maldonado and as soon as I saw this piece, it reminded me of my childhood.  As a kid, I used to play Mario Kart with my siblings all of the time.  It was such a happy time in my life and I’ll never forget how close my siblings and I used to be.  This piece of art reminds me of a stage in Mario Kart, which happened to be my favorite stage.  What you do is you drive around and you have three balloons connected to the top of your car.  You keep driving until you find another opponent, and once you see your foe you throw an item at them.  If you hit them, your opponent loses a balloon.  Once you get hit three times, you’re out of the game.  This game really makes you lose friendships, but it’s the funniest thing in the world.  This piece of art made me tear up because of how it instantly reminded me of my siblings and how close we used to be.


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