I liked this experience because it has a lot to do with my life.  I’m dealing with my first real heart break and I’m really just trying to make the best of it.  I joke around about everything to keep from staying hurt.  I said to drink lots of water because it’s good to stay hydrated and staying hydrated actually clears your skin.  Invest in yourself because I know that that’s not what I used to do when I was investing my time and energy into a guy that didn’t do the same for me.  I wrote to work out because it’s something that I’m starting to do.  Loving yourself is essential, if you don’t love yourself, how could anyone else?  Getting a life is important.  Constantly keeping yourself busy helps keep you distracted.  Have a drink every now and then with good company, I promise you, you’ll enjoy it.  Making new friends is a lot of fun, you never know if they could be your best friend in a year or two.  Having my puppy cry when I cry is probably the cutest thing ever, I love my puppy so I encourage everyone, brokenhearted or not, to get a puppy.  Get some…. BEN AND JERRY’S because who doesn’t want to eat a tub of ice cream while crying over someone who used to mean the world to you?  And finally, find yourself a distraction.  That one’s pretty self explanatory! 😉


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