The artist I met today was named Joshua.  I personally loved Joshua’s artwork so much.  Joshua has always loved art, even when he was a little kid.  Joshua’s Instagram is @voyezmessouvenirs.  Joshua’s artwork comes from his mind.  He believes that art should be a way to express the way artists feel, so that’s what he does with his art.  I definitely agree with him here.  Joshua lives in Pasadena, California but gets all of his materials for his art from Los Angeles.  He is an undergraduate in his third year and is hoping to get accepted into the sculpture program.  In my opinion, he should have no trouble getting in.

Joshua makes sculptures of how he feels.  He uses ceramic pieces that he finds at antique stores and incorporates them into his own art.  He likes little cute queer pieces because he says that he is cute and queer, so he can relate to them.  He also says that a way to express queerness is to express cute things.  He’s comfortable in his own skin and wants everyone to recognize that, which is amazing.  He chooses materials to identify which genders, for example concrete symbolizes masculinity and ceramic figurines symbolizes femininity.  He used an example of Home Depot (masculine) vs. an antique shop (feminine).

Joshua uses very political pieces of work.  His work started around the time of the inauguration, and he wasn’t in a good place at that time.  Joshua began to tell us how artist’s jobs are to be political because art is about how you spend your time.  Inside of Joshua’s gallery, he uses wind jams because he feels as if it has a domestic and dreamy effect to his artwork.  He sets his art up like tombstones with ceramic figurines onto the tombstone.  He wanted us to be aware of how we move through the space.  He also wanted to use empty spaces to see if people just stay in the front, walk over the art, or even go past it.  He used a certain amount of quietness to express a dreamy effect.

I loved Joshua’s gallery.  It definitely did have that dreamy effect, which was his intent.  His sculpture pieces were the cutest things ever and I was really into all of the tombstones and I loved the wind jams.  He should seriously have no problem into getting in the sculpture program, because his art was incredible.


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