This week I was fortunate to be able to interview two different artists that shared the same gallery.  I talked with Robert Nohemiah and Elmer Guevara.  They both are totally different artists, yet their artwork are both equally as interesting to look at.  These men are insanely talented.  Both of these men are still undergraduates getting their bachelors of art.  Robert’s Instagram is @wookieewarrior and Elmer’s Instagram is @3lmski.  Both of these men are insanely unique.  Robert and Elmer both grew up loving art.  Robert was born in the suburbs of LA, and Elmer was also born in LA.  Robert loves music, while Elmer loves traveling.

I could describe both of their work as the same, they’re both very precise and very neat.  Elmer’s paintings are kind of all over the place because he just paints whatever he sees and whatever reminds him of the subject that he is painting, but it’s still in such a neat and fascinating way.  Robert’s paintings are people who influenced him when he was growing up and he ends with a self portrait.  Robert’s paintings are direct paintings, while Elmer’s paintings are collaged photographed based.

Robert’s paintings are interesting because the materials that Robert paints on are not meant to last very long, for example, he paints on cardboard.  The cardboard painting will not last very long because the colors will not be able to stay on the cardboard forever.  He made painted his grandmother on the cardboard box because she won’t be here for very much longer.  Robert makes a correlation between people and the materials that he uses to paint on.  Robert paints subjects who influenced his philosophy throughout his life.  He paints on temporary backgrounds because he believes everything is temporary; he wants to let things just be for momentary.  Elmer, on the other hand, paints homeless people who he got to meet.  He titles his artwork the names of the homeless people that he encounters.  When he paints the homeless people that he encounters, he tells a story about who they are and his experience of getting to learn who they are by painting different things on them like a collage.  For example, on his artwork titled “Greg” he painted Greg with multiple arms because Greg liked to move around a lot.  He takes pictures and paints every picture he took and puts them together like a collage.  He grabbed his inspiration from the city of LA.  Both of these artists are insanely talented and very creative.

I am honestly so glad that I took this class because I’ve never really cared about art, but listening to someone talk about their artwork and how passionate they are about making something to have people look at is really inspiring to me.  Art is beautiful and I was so oblivious to that.  I honestly enjoyed looking at their artwork and I’m excited to see all of the other different kinds of art that I will soon be exposed to.


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