I once held each of these things near and dear to my heart, but I’m finally ready to let them go and give to someone else.  I’m most likely going to give my care package to my neighbor and my neighbor is most likely going to throw it away, but we’ll see what happens.  Let me begin to explain why these items mean a lot to me.  I can start with the blue Instax photo album.  My really great friend, Viridiana, gave me this photo album for my 19th birthday, she also threw me a surprise party with my sister.  I have never had a real party before because I never wanted one, but the fact that they both threw it for me really meant a lot to me.  I hated the idea at first, but it was really cute.  I’m ready to give this up because Viridiana got me a new album to fit more pictures in, so I don’t ever use this one anymore.  The Pacsun receipt means a lot to me because it was when I bought my first pair of Yeezys.  I love the new black and red Yeezys, so I had to get them.  The graduation picture means a lot to me because that girl cares more about me than anyone ever has.  She is such a blessing and I am so happy to call her my best friend.  Her name is Adriana Garcia and I love her more than I can even explain.  I’m ready to give the picture up because I have a copy of it, and it’s much bigger than this small picture.  The headsets represent my love for music.  No matter what my mood is, music always makes me feel better.  Music calms me down, music is why I’m still sane.  The notebook and paper represents my love for writing.  The notebook is completely blank, so maybe the person that I give this care package to can start writing their own adventures, feelings, etc.  The paper with writing shows my passion for writing, I wrote it on the first day of this year and I’m not as sad as I was back then.  I’m ready to let that go.  The black lokai bracelet represents my trip to Hawaii in 2016.  I’ve never been more happier than I was when I was surrounded by great people in the lovely state of Hawaii.  The two pictures of me and that man represent the first time (and only) I fell in love.  He hurt me a lot, but I’ll always still have love for him.  I don’t think about him very much anymore, but when I do, it still feels as if the wound is fresh.  Life goes on though.  And lastly, my old manager name tag represents my love for my store.  I love being a manager at my store because I love leading my team and trying to coach them on being the best associates that they could be.  My old name tag also reminds me of my little Nephew, Ezekiel, because if you look very closely at the name tag, you can see that it’s broken.  My little baby Ezekiel accidentally sat on my name tag and broke it, so I had to order a new one.  I’m ready to give each of these things up and hopefully my neighbor will just keep them in a box forever instead of throwing them away.


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