I met the artist Kelvin Lopez. I found his work absolutely fascinating.  He is an undergraduate student aiming for his Bachelors of Fine Arts.  Kelvin is in the printing program.  Kelvin became interested in crystals because of his ex girlfriend.  She was the first person to ever give him a crystal, and ever since then he became fascinated with the different meanings of different crystals.  Kelvin says that he is motivated by being able to connect with his audience.  Everything that comes into Kelvin’s head, he either draws or writes them out.

Kelvin’s work has to do with printmaking.  It’s so beautiful.  Print making is so precise as opposed to painting, where you can mess up and just say it was intentional.  Printmaking and painting totally differ from one another.  His favorite thing about his art is that he has people looking at his art and constantly giving him feedback.  Whether the feedback be good or bad, as long as his art is being looked at, he’s happy. The colors of his art work seem very bold, yet soft.  I don’t really know how to describe it, but he uses the prettiest colors ever.  Since he uses printmaking as his program, his artwork is very precise.

Kelvin literally draws or writes out everything that pops into his head.  He tries to connect with his audience and tries to make something that we would find enjoyable or fun and incorporates that into his artwork.  He thinks about his precision when he does his printmaking.  Kelvin believes that the role of an artist in today’s society is to speak to the audience and viewers.  A lot of things that are going on in the world are shown by artist’s artwork and describes how they feel about what’s going on.  Artists express their own opinions on current events in the world by using their artwork.  Kelvin was inspired by experimenting and looking at things that looked cool to him and wanting to make his own.

Personally, I loved Kelvin’s artwork! It really spoke to me.  I’m in love with his passion for crystals, I’ve always wanted to know the different meanings of different crystals.  I’m also in love with how precise his printmaking skills are.  When I look at his artwork, I try and incorporate it into my own life and everything just makes perfect sense.  Follow him on Instagram! @KLART760 and add him on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/KLART760.


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