These pictures explain how I will most likely depart from this world because I love to eat and I get food poisoning by literally everything.  Especially junk food, my stomach can’t handle it.  Creating this scene was hilarious because I was with my friend and we were hungry, but I don’t eat fast food because of my weak stomach.  I decided to actually eat the junk food and the funny part about this is I actually did throw up afterwards. Making this scene was pretty gross because of how much I hate junk food and because of how sick I got afterwards, but the idea of this project is still really interesting and amusing to see how creative my other peers are.  Explaining this project to my friend was pretty funny because of me having to ask for a picture of myself eating.  If anyone knows me, they know I hate taking pictures so my friend was pretty startled when I asked if she could take a picture of me. This is seriously how I see myself dying in 5 years.


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