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For the second week of school, I talked to this sweetheart named Vina Trac.  I learned a lot about her and she learned a lot about me.  She is from San Jose, California and is a bio major.  Props to her, because I could never be a bio major even if it depended on my life.  I love NorCal and was telling her that I might go for my birthday this year.  Vina is such a happy person, her energy was pretty contagious.  She has an apartment with roommates and works at night.  I was telling her that I still live at home and I manage a store called Tj Maxx, which is how I pay for school. We were talking about financial aid and how I didn’t get any this year, but her financial aid covered the school and is covering part of her rent, which is really good for her.  She really is the sweetest person ever and I’m looking forward to meeting more classmates with similar and sweet personalities like her! 🙂


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